Lens server configuration

The configuration parameters and their default values
No. Property Name Default Value Description
1 hive.server2.async.exec.threads 5 Number of threads required in async thread pool for query execution in the lens directly. Lens uses query execution directly only to add and delete resources, which are mostly synchronous. So keeping to a lower value.
2 hive.server2.authentication NONE Client authentication types. NONE: no authentication check LDAP: LDAP/AD based authentication KERBEROS: Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication CUSTOM: Custom authentication provider (Use with property hive.server2.custom.authentication.class) PAM: Pluggable authentication module.
3 hive.server2.authentication.ldap.Domain The ldap domin
4 hive.server2.authentication.ldap.baseDN LDAP base DN
5 hive.server2.authentication.ldap.security.protocol ssl Its value is a string determined by the service provider (e.g. "ssl"). If this property is unspecified, the behaviour is determined by the service provider. It's value will be directly passed as "java.naming.security.protocol"
6 hive.server2.authentication.ldap.url LDAP connection URL
7 hive.server2.log.redirection.enabled false Disable the log direction on the lens server sessions. There are no logs required for each session in lens sessions. This will decrease number of file handles associated to lens server.
8 lens.server.appevent.ws.listener.impl org.apache.lens.server.LensApplicationListener Implementation class for Lens Application Listener
9 lens.server.authentication.ws.filter.impl org.apache.lens.server.AuthenticationFilter Implementation class for Authentication Filter
10 lens.server.base.url The base url for the lens server
11 lens.server.consistentState.ws.filter.impl org.apache.lens.server.ConsistentStateFilter Implementation class for ConsistentState Filter
12 lens.server.database.resource.dir /tmp/lens/resources Top level directory to store database specific static resources which are added to each database. To add a static resource for a DB, create a directory with the same name as that of the DB under this directory, and place the resources inside the DB directory. Any subdirectories under the DB directory and the resources under them will be ignored
13 lens.server.db.driver.name org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver Database driver for database where Finished queries have to be stored. Also used for database based user config loaders
14 lens.server.db.jdbc.pass JDBC Password for Finished queries table. Also used for database based user config loaders
15 lens.server.db.jdbc.url jdbc:hsqldb:/tmp/lensserver/queries.db JDBC URL where the database for storing finished queries is located. Also used for database based user config loaders
16 lens.server.db.jdbc.user SA JDBC User for Finished queries table. Also used for database based user config loaders
17 lens.server.db.validation.query select 1 from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_USERS BasicDatasource has a config parameter called validationQuery. This query is run before passing the Datasource to the application to verify if connection is valid. 
dbcp configuration  
validationquery for different databases  
18 lens.server.domain company.com Server domain. This will be used in authentication and Sending emails to users. For the server, the username will be without domain and domain will come through conf.
19 lens.server.driver.selector.class org.apache.lens.server.api.driver.MinQueryCostSelector Class for selecting best driver given the query context
20 lens.server.drivers org.apache.lens.driver.hive.HiveDriver Drivers enabled for this lens server instance
21 lens.server.enable.console.metrics false Enable metrics to be reported on console
22 lens.server.enable.csv.metrics false Enable metrics to be reported as csv files in a directory
23 lens.server.enable.ganglia.metrics false Enable metrics to be reported on ganglia
24 lens.server.enable.graphite.metrics false Enable metrics to be reported on graphite
25 lens.server.enable.resource.method.metering false Whether to Enable metering for all resource methods.
26 lens.server.estimate.pool.keepalive.millis 60000 Thread keep alive time in milliseconds for the estimate thread pool. If there are no estimate requests for this period,then cached threads are released from the pool.
27 lens.server.estimate.pool.max.threads 100 Maximum number of threads in the estimate thread pool
28 lens.server.estimate.pool.min.threads 3 Minimum number of threads in the estimate thread pool
29 lens.server.estimate.timeout.millis 300000 Timeout for parallel query estimate calls in milliseconds. A driver needs to comeback with a query estimate within this timeout. If the timeout is reached, only the drivers that have provided an estimate would be considered for query selection. If the timeout is reached and none of the drivers have provided an estimate then estimate calls fails with an exception.
30 lens.server.event.service.thread.pool.size The size of thread pool for notifying events. The no value is specified, it uses the available processors as the number.
31 lens.server.index.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.IndexResource Implementation class for Index Resource
32 lens.server.log.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.LogResource Implementation class for Log Resource
33 lens.server.mail.from.address blah@company.com The from field in the notifier mail to the submitter.
34 lens.server.mail.host mail-host.company.com SMTP Host for sending mail
35 lens.server.mail.port 25 SMTP Port
36 lens.server.mail.smtp.connectiontimeout 15000 Socket connection timeout value in milliseconds. This timeout is implemented by java.net.Socket. Default is 15 seconds.
37 lens.server.mail.smtp.timeout 30000 Socket read timeout value in milliseconds. This timeout is implemented by java.net.Socket. Default is 30 seconds.
38 lens.server.metastore.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.metastore.CubeMetastoreServiceImpl Implementation class for metastore service
39 lens.server.metastore.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.metastore.MetastoreResource Implementation class for Metastore Resource
40 lens.server.metrics.csv.directory.path metrics/ Path of the directory in which to report metrics as separate csv files.
41 lens.server.metrics.ganglia.host The ganglia host name
42 lens.server.metrics.ganglia.port The ganglia port
43 lens.server.metrics.graphite.host The graphite host name
44 lens.server.metrics.graphite.port The graphite port
45 lens.server.metrics.reporting.period 10 The reporting period for metrics. The value is in seconds
46 lens.server.mode OPEN The mode in which server should run. Allowed values are OPEN, READ_ONLY, METASTORE_READONLY, METASTORE_NODROP. OPEN mode will allow all requests. READ_ONLY mode will allow all requests on session resouce and only GET requests on all other resources. METASTORE_READONLY will allow GET on metastore and all other requests in other services. METASTORE_NODROP will not allow DELETE on metastore, will allow all other requests.
47 lens.server.multipart.ws.feature.impl org.glassfish.jersey.media.multipart.MultiPartFeature Implementation class for query scheduler resource
48 lens.server.persist.location file:///tmp/lensserver The directory in which lens server will persist its state when it is going down. The location be on any Hadoop compatible file system. Server will read from the location when it is restarted and recovery is enabled. So, Server should have both read and write permissions to the location
49 lens.server.query.acceptors Query Acceptors configured. Query acceptors are consulted first, before anything happens for the given query. They can either return null or return a messaging indicating why the given query shouldn't be accepted. These can be used to filter out queries at the earliest.
50 lens.server.query.launching.constraint.factories org.apache.lens.server.query.constraint.TotalQueryCostCeilingConstraintFactory Factories used to instantiate constraints enforced on queries by lens. Every Factory should be an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.common.ConfigBasedObjectCreationFactory and create an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.query.constraint.QueryLaunchingConstraint. A query will be launched only if all constraints pass.
51 lens.server.query.phase1.rewriters Query phase 1 rewriters. This is to convert user query to cube query. The resulting cube query will be passed for validation and rewriting to hql query. 
Use cases will be to use extra intelligence to convert user query to optimized cube query.  
Or define shortcuts for certain frequently used queries :)
52 lens.server.query.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.query.QueryExecutionServiceImpl Implementation class for query execution service
53 lens.server.query.state.logger.enabled true Disable or enable the query state logger with this config. The location for the logger can be specified in logback xml for the class org.apache.lens.server.query.QueryExecutionServiceImpl.QueryStatusLogger
54 lens.server.query.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.query.QueryServiceResource Implementation class for Query Resource
55 lens.server.querypurger.sleep.interval 10000 The interval(milliseconds) with which purger to run periodically. Default 10 sec.
56 lens.server.quota.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.quota.QuotaServiceImpl Implementation class for quota service
57 lens.server.quota.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.quota.QuotaResource Implementation class for Quota Resource
58 lens.server.recover.onrestart true If the flag is enabled, all the services will be started from last saved state, if disabled all the services will start afresh
59 lens.server.restart.enabled true If flag is enabled, all the services will be persisted to persistent location passed.
60 lens.server.savedquery.jdbc.dialectclass org.apache.lens.server.query.save.SavedQueryDao$HSQLDialect Dialect of the target DB, Default is HSQL. Override with the target DB used.
61 lens.server.savedquery.list.default.count 20 Key denoting the default fetch value of saved query list api.
62 lens.server.savedquery.list.default.offset 0 Key denoting the default start value of saved query list api.
63 lens.server.savedquery.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.query.save.SavedQueryServiceImpl Implementation class for saved query service
64 lens.server.savedquery.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.query.save.SavedQueryResource Implementation class for Saved query Resource
65 lens.server.scheduler.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.scheduler.QuerySchedulerServiceImpl Implementation class for query scheduler service
66 lens.server.scheduler.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.scheduler.ScheduleResource Implementation class for query scheduler resource
67 lens.server.scheduling.queue.poll.interval.millisec 2000 The interval at which submission thread will poll scheduling queue to fetch the next query for submission. If value is less than equal to 0, then it would mean that thread will continuosly poll without sleeping. The interval has to be given in milliseconds.
68 lens.server.serverMode.ws.filter.impl org.apache.lens.server.ServerModeFilter Implementation class for ServerMode Filter
69 lens.server.service.provider.factory org.apache.lens.server.ServiceProviderFactoryImpl Service provider factory implementation class. This parameter is used to lookup the factory implementation class name that would provide an instance of ServiceProvider. Users should instantiate the class to obtain its instance. Example -- Class spfClass = conf.getClass("lens.server.service.provider.factory", null, ServiceProviderFactory.class); ServiceProviderFactory spf = spfClass.newInstance(); ServiceProvider serviceProvider = spf.getServiceProvider(); -- This is not supposed to be overridden by users.
70 lens.server.servicenames session,query,metastore,scheduler,quota These services would be started in the specified order when lens-server starts up
71 lens.server.session.expiry.service.interval.secs 3600 Interval at which lens session expiry service runs
72 lens.server.session.service.impl org.apache.lens.server.session.HiveSessionService Implementation class for session service
73 lens.server.session.timeout.seconds 86400 Lens session timeout in seconds.If there is no activity on the session for this period then the session will be closed.Default timeout is one day.
74 lens.server.session.ws.resource.impl org.apache.lens.server.session.SessionResource Implementation class for Session Resource
75 lens.server.snapshot.interval 300000 Snapshot interval time in miliseconds for saving lens server state.
76 lens.server.state.persist.out.stream.buffer.size 1048576 Output Stream Buffer Size used in writing lens server state to file system. Size is in bytes.
77 lens.server.statistics.db lensstats Database to which statistics tables are created and partitions are added.
78 lens.server.statistics.log.rollover.interval 3600000 Default rate which log statistics store scans for rollups in milliseconds.
79 lens.server.statistics.store.class org.apache.lens.server.stats.store.log.LogStatisticsStore Default implementation of class used to persist Lens Statistics.
80 lens.server.statistics.warehouse.dir file:///tmp/lens/statistics/warehouse Default top level location where stats are moved by the log statistics store.
81 lens.server.total.query.cost.ceiling.per.user -1.0 A query submitted by user will be launched only if total query cost of all current launched queries of user is less than or equal to total query cost ceiling defined by this property. This configuration value is only useful when TotalQueryCostCeilingConstraint is enabled by using org.apache.lens.server.query.constraint.TotalQueryCostCeilingConstraintFactory as one of the factories in lens.server.query.constraint.factories property. Default is -1.0 which means that there is no limit on the total query cost of launched queries submitted by a user.
82 lens.server.ui.base.uri The base url for the Lens UI Server
83 lens.server.ui.enable true Bringing up the ui server is optional. By default it brings up UI server.
84 lens.server.ui.enable.caching true Set this to false to disable static file caching in the UI server
85 lens.server.ui.static.dir webapp/lens-server/static The base directory to server UI static files from
86 lens.server.user.resolver.custom.class full.package.name.Classname Required for CUSTOM user resolver. In case the provided implementations are not sufficient for user config resolver, a custom classname can be provided. Class should extend org.apache.lens.server.user.UserConfigLoader
87 lens.server.user.resolver.db.keys lens.session.cluster.user,mapred.job.queue.name Required for DATABASE and LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. For database based user config loaders, the conf keys that will be loaded from database.
88 lens.server.user.resolver.db.query select clusteruser,queue from user_config_table where username=? Required for DATABASE and LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. For database based user config loader, this query will be run with single argument = logged in user and the result columns will be assigned to lens.server.user.resolver.db.keys in order. For ldap backed database resolver, the argument to this query will be the intermediate values obtained from ldap.
89 lens.server.user.resolver.fixed.value Required for FIXED user resolver. when lens.server.user.resolver.type=FIXED, This will be the value cluster user will resolve to.
90 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.bind.dn Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. ldap dn for admin binding example: CN=company-it-admin,ou=service-account,ou=company-service-account,dc=dc1,dc=com...
91 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.bind.password Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. ldap password for admin binding above
92 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.fields department Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. list of fields to be obtained from ldap. These will be cached by the intermediate db.
93 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.intermediate.db.delete.sql delete from user_department where username=? Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. query to delete intermediate values from database backing ldap as cache. one argument: logged in user.
94 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.intermediate.db.insert.sql insert into user_department (username, department, expiry) values (?, ?, ?) Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. query to insert intermediate values from database backing ldap as cache. arguments: first logged in user, then all intermediate values, then current time + expiration time
95 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.intermediate.db.query select department from user_department where username=? and expiry>? Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. query to obtain intermediate values from database backing ldap as cache. two arguments: logged in user and current time.
96 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.search.base Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. for searching intermediate values for a user, the search keys. example: cn=users,dc=dc1,dc=dc2...
97 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.search.filter (&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName=%s)) Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. filter pattern for ldap search
98 lens.server.user.resolver.ldap.url Required for LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE user resolvers. ldap url to connect to.
99 lens.server.user.resolver.propertybased.filename /path/to/propertyfile Required for PROPERTYBASED user resolver. when lens.server.user.resolver.type is PROPERTYBASED, then this file will be read and parsed to determine cluster user. Each line should contain username followed by DOT followed by property full name followed by equal-to sign and followed by value. example schema of the file is: user1.lens.server.cluster.user=clusteruser1 user1.mapred.job.queue.name=queue1 *.lens.server.cluster.user=defaultclusteruser *.mapred.job.queue.name=default
100 lens.server.user.resolver.type FIXED Type of user config resolver. allowed values are FIXED, PROPERTYBASED, DATABASE, LDAP_BACKED_DATABASE, CUSTOM.
101 lens.server.waiting.queries.selection.policy.factories org.apache.lens.server.query.collect.UserSpecificWaitingQueriesSelectionPolicyFactory Factories used to instantiate waiting queries selection policies. Every factory should be an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.common.ConfigBasedObjectCreationFactory and create an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.query.collect.WaitingQueriesSelectionPolicy.
102 lens.server.ws.featurenames multipart These JAX-RS Feature(s) would be started in the specified order when lens-server starts up
103 lens.server.ws.filternames authentication,consistentState,serverMode These JAX-RS filters would be started in the specified order when lens-server starts up
104 lens.server.ws.listenernames appevent These listeners would be called in the specified order when lens-server starts up
105 lens.server.ws.resourcenames session,metastore,query,quota,scheduler,index,log These JAX-RS resources would be started in the specified order when lens-server starts up