Configuring lens server

This document guides you through configuring lens server.

Server configuration

Lens server provides you with various configuration options. Administrator can configure the offered services from server, available drivers for query execution, query output options, enabling metrics from server and etc. The configuration parameters and their detailed description and default values are available here. The overridden configuration can be part of lens-site.xml.

Driver configuration

The supported drivers are configured through classnames in this release. The configuration for each driver can be specified in their site.xml file. For example, HiveDriver's configuration should be specified in hivedriver-site.xml. Supported drivers in this version are org.apache.lens.driver.hive.HiveDriver, org.apache.lens.driver.jdbc.JDBCDriver and The configuration parameters and their description are explained in their respective docs listed below HiveDriver - here JDBCDriver - here ESDriver - here. For overridding configurations, use the appropriate site.xml as listed below hive - hivedriver-site.xml jdbc - jdbc-driver-site.xml es - esdriver-site.xml

Session configuration

The configuration that user can override for each session is documented here. These configuration mostly include query parameters, which can be overriden by query as well. Server should be configured with appropriate values for them in the site file. The overridden configuration can be part of lens-site.xml.