All Apache Lens releases

Below table captures releases, release documentation, their compatibility and tools provided for incompatible changes.

Release version Major features Release documentation Release Notes Download Incompatibilities More Info
2.1.0-beta-incubating Estimate api, Partition timeline, DB resources, Timers on REST api 2.1.x-incubating docs 2.1 release notes Download 2.1.x-incompatibilities -
2.0.1-beta-incubating First release in Apache 2.0.x-incubating docs 2.0 release notes Download - -


Binary distribution of the release does not include dependency org.acplt:oncrpc:jar:1.0.7, as its licensing (LGPL) is not in compliance with Apache licensing which is required for ganglia metrics reporting. If user is interested in ganglia metrics reporting, the jar needs to be downloaded and used.


2.1.x from 2.0.x

  • LENS-437 : Removed counts and weights from QueryPlan. The values are no longer available. If any usecase requires these values, it requires a feature addition.
  • LENS-338 : REST api path changed from /facts/{factName}/storages/{storage}/partitions to /facts/{factName}/storages/{storage}/partition and /dimtables/{dimTableName}/storages/{storage}/partitions to /dimtables/{dimTableName}/storages/{storage}/partition for adding single partition. If single partition is getting registered with old path, they need to change to use new path.
  • LENS-281 : Lens server understands data(partition) availability through partition timeline instead of querying metastore. When server is brought up for the first time after this feature, partition timeline will built. If it needs to be updated again, table properties on storage table need to be modified by setting cube.storagetable.partition.timeline.cache.present to false. All add and drop partitions should go through Lens server to keep timeline updated.
  • LENS-327 : Adds "QueryCost estimate(AbstractQueryContext qctx) throws LensException;" in LensDriver interface; ESTIMATE is added in SubmitOp enum. If there is a driver implementation, the new api needs to be implemented.
  • LENS-441 : GET on /cubes/{cubeName}/facts returns StringList instead of ListXFactTable. For getting the XFactTable corresponding to the name returned in StringList, user need to use GET on /facts/{factName}.
  • LENS-275 : Session not found error code is 410, instead of 404