This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Lens –

Lens client configuration

The configuration parameters and their default values
No. Property Name Default Value Description
1 lens.cli.json.pretty false Should CLI try to prettify the JSON of an object before priting.
2 lens.cli.query.execute.timeout.millis 10000 This property defines the timeout value when sync or --async false option is used to execute a query. The default value is 10 seconds.
3 lens.client.connection.timeout.millis 60000 This is the maximum amount of time a client is blocked for making the initial connection. The Default value for this property is 60 seconds.
4 lens.client.dbname default Default lens database
5 lens.client.query.poll.interval 10000 Interval at which query progress will be polled. Interval has to be given in milliseconds
6 300000 This is the maximum amount of time a client read operation is blocked waiting for data. The default value of this property is 5 mins.
7 org.apache.lens.client.RequestFilter Implementation class for Request Filter
8 anonymous Lens client user name
9 requestfilter These JAX-RS filters would be started in the specified order when lens-client starts
10 lens.query.cancel.on.timeout false Specifies whether to attempt cancellation of a query whose execution takes longer than the timeout value specified while submitting the query for execution.
11 lens.server.base.url The base url for the lens server