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Hive driver configuration

The configuration parameters and their default values
No. Property Name Default Value Description
1 10 Socket timeout for the client connection
2 hive.server.tcp.keepalive true TCP Keep alive socket option for HiveServer connection
3 The host on which hive server is running
4 hive.server2.thrift.client.connect.retry.limit 1 Number of times to retry a connection to a Thrift hive server
5 hive.server2.thrift.client.retry.delay.seconds 1 Number of seconds the client should wait between connection attempts.
6 hive.server2.thrift.client.retry.limit 1 Number of times to retry a Thrift service call upon failure
7 hive.server2.thrift.port 10000 The port on which hive server is running
8 lens.cube.query.driver.supported.storages List of comma separated storage names that supported by a driver. If no value is specified, all storages are valid
9 lens.cube.query.replace.timedim true Tells whether timedim attribute queried in the time range should be replaced with its corresponding partition column name.
10 lens.driver.hive.calculate.priority true Whether priority should be calculated for hive mr jobs or not
11 lens.driver.hive.connection.class org.apache.lens.driver.hive.EmbeddedThriftConnection The connection class from HiveDriver to HiveServer. The default is an embedded connection which does not require a remote hive server. For connecting to a hiveserver end point, remote connection should be used. The possible values are org.apache.lens.driver.hive.EmbeddedThriftConnection and org.apache.lens.driver.hive.RemoteThriftConnection.
12 lens.driver.hive.cost.calculator.class org.apache.lens.cube.query.cost.FactPartitionBasedQueryCostCalculator Cost calculator class. By default calculating cost through fact partitions.
13 lens.driver.hive.hs2.connection.expiry.delay 600000 The idle time (in milliseconds) for expiring connection from hivedriver to HiveServer2
14 lens.driver.hive.priority.ranges VERY_HIGH,7.0,HIGH,30.0,NORMAL,90,LOW Priority Ranges. The numbers are the costs of the query.  
The cost is calculated based on partition weights and fact weights. The interpretation of the default config is:  
cost <= 7                      :          Priority = VERY_HIGH  
7 < cost <= 30              :          Priority = HIGH  
30 < cost <= 90            :          Priority = NORMAL  
90 < cost                      :          Priority = LOW  
Some perspective wrt default weights and default ranges(1 for hourly, 0.75 for daily, 0.5 for monthly):  
For exclusively hourly data this translates to VERY_HIGH,7days,HIGH,30days,NORMAL,90days,LOW.  
FOR exclusively daily data this translates to VERY_HIGH,9days,HIGH,40days,NORMAL,120days,LOW.  
for exclusively monthly data this translates to VERY_HIGH,never,HIGH,1month,NORMAL,6months,LOW.  
One use case in range tuning can be that you never want queries to run with VERY_HIGH, assuming no other changes, you'll modify the value of this param in hivedriver-site.xml to be HIGH,30.0,NORMAL,90,LOW 
via the configs, you can tune both the ranges and partition weights. this would give the end user more control.
15 lens.driver.hive.query.hook.classes The query hook classes for hive driver. By default there are no hooks. To add a hook, you should look at the default implementation and from there it'll be easy to derive what value can be added through a new hook. Multiple hooks can be provided by providing comma seperated name of classes.
16 lens.driver.hive.query.launching.constraint.factories Factories used to instantiate constraints enforced on queries by driver. A query will be launched only if all constraints pass. Every Factory should be an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.common.ConfigBasedObjectCreationFactory and create an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.query.constraint.QueryLaunchingConstraint.
17 lens.driver.hive.waiting.queries.selection.policy.factories Factories used to instantiate driver specific waiting queries selection policies. Every factory should be an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.common.ConfigBasedObjectCreationFactory and create an implementation of org.apache.lens.server.api.query.collect.WaitingQueriesSelectionPolicy.