This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Lens –

ES driver configuration

The configuration parameters and their default values
No. Property Name Default Value Description
1 6 Max cardinality of group by (higher value means higher resource usage at server end)
2 Choice of client class, default is JestClientImpl
3 20 max connections
4 http://localhost:9200,http://localhost:4200 List of http servers, will be used on a round robin basis
5 -1 max rows for es document look up queries, non existent or -1 refers no limit
6 10000 Query timeout
7 10000 Fetch (buffer) size for document look up queries
8 lens.query.timeout.millis 60000 The runtime(millis) of the query after which query will be timedout and cancelled. Default is 60 seconds for es queries.